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Mentee: Ann-Carin Wiktorsson Product Design – Sweden

Mentee: Ann-Carin Wiktorsson Product Design – Sweden

Photo: Lisa Irvall

I work with the design process from concept to realization, from strategic issues to manufacturing challenges. My portfolio includes everyday products and textiles for home and public spaces. The common denominator is a balance between visual, tactile and functional elements.

Since founding my own studio in Gothenburg 1997 I have collaborated with some of Sweden´s leading design companies, creating well-known products, mainly within kitchenware and household utensils.

For me, a good meal inspires good design and attracts smiles. Cooking and eating together with carefully designed products for everyday life are my passion. It is all about exploring and enjoying.

School of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg
Sweden MFA Royal Collage in London, UK

Mentor: Houdini Sportswear