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Everybody is on their way

Everybody is on their way

Already in its initial phases the project Nordic Design Impact produces central knowledge for the small- and medium sized design businesses. NDI’s aim is to support SME design businesses towards growth by developing guidelines on aesthetics, sustainability and online design visibility.

At the recent mentor/mentee workshop in Stockholm the mentors, counting among others Alfa Laval and Gjensidige, explained how they are working with the dimensions on a continuous basis. Naturally, it is important for the design businesses to get inspired on the  how of the three dimensions, but also the attitude towards the work process turns out to be central. For fairly small companies, the multi-tasking state of affairs may jeopardize the required focus for progress in specified areas. On the other hand, multi-tasking may also increase the urge of concluding tasks. Job well done. Over-and-out.

But listening to the mentors of Nordic Design Impact, an important element in reaching a well-founded and visible level in a certain area requires a mind-set with a focus on continuous progress rather than getting to a point where the task may be considered as finalised.

As the mentors point out, this is partly due to the fact that the markets develop fast in the areas of aesthetics, sustainability and online design visibility. Consequently, the businesses need to reflect the external development in their internal strategies and action plans, and align the two. No simple task.

As the mentees select identity and integrity as central perspectives for preservation in their future development, there seems to be some very interesting months ahead in the project. At present the project focus is on conclusion on the pilot phase and initiating the phase of implementation of the pilot phase’s results in terms of knowledge on the three dimensions. Stay tuned for more.

By Dorrit Bøilerehauge, Danish Designers / Design Denmark

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