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The online guide

The online guide

In the project Nordic Design Impact 16 design companies and 13 tutors are now working on implementation of the project’s approaches to aesthetics, sustainability, and online design visibility in the design companies.


The guidelines for implementation have been developed on the basis of the experience from earlier project phases, where design companies and mentors have cooperated in order to map the needs of design companies and knowledge of mentors in the three areas. Besides, the guidelines have been enriched by the Stockholm workshop, where design companies and mentors went into details regarding the approaches of the mentor companies; the challenges of the design companies, and other relevant issues in the mentor-mentee relationships.


The one-on-one format of co-operation has now been replaced by a format where a team of Nordic experts shares their knowledge and expertise with all participating design companies. Nordic Design Impact has established a closed group on Facebook for guidance, knowledge sharing and common inspiration. Working online offers the possibility of all participants to learn from each other’s challenges and reflections. Besides, the tutor guidance to one design company becomes learning for all.


After the current phase of implementation, the feedback to the project will form input for the next revised edition of the project guidelines together with the valuable dialogue with the Nordic experts. As the project intends to inspire a maximum of designers, companies, educational institutions, organisations, and other participants, an open conference is held on the 8th January in Copenhagen.


The open conference is a perfect opportunity for everybody interested in knowing more about rooting and communicating your aesthetic contribution, your approach to sustainability, and how to use the online possibilities in your communication. The conference offers a platform for learning, participating and forming new network with your Nordic colleagues.


By Dorrit Bøilerehauge, Project Lead, Nordic Design Impact

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