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About NDI

About NDI

Nordic Design Impact (NDI) develops competences of small and medium-sized design businesses. NDI creates knowledge and results for Nordic growth via knowledge sharing, development and innovation.

We work with development of SME design companies within the areas or dimensions of:
- Nordic aesthetics – bringing it to market
- Sustainability
- Online design visibility

The project dimensions have been selected with a view to the DNA of Nordic design, and the potential for strengthening the global competitiveness of creative Nordic companies.

The project partners are:
Grafill, Norway.
Svenska Designer and Svenska Tecknare, Sweden.
Grafia and Ornamo, Finland.
Danske Designere, Denmark (project lead)

The dimensions will be developed in processes involving both NDI-members and experts – also from educational institutions – on aesthetics and culture, sustainability issues and online communication in order to achieve maximum impact. During the 18 months project period, approx. 20-25 small and medium-sized Nordic design companies will be further developed to practise and market their businesses in the dimensions.

In practise-based workshops, seminars, and knowledge sharing groups, they will learn from consultant experts and from more mature creative Nordic companies (mentor companies) with a high level of success in one or all of the three dimensions.