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About the dimensions

About the dimensions

Nordic Design Impact has these initial considerations concerning the dimensions of the project.

Nordic aesthetics – bringing it to market
On the one hand Nordic aesthetics is a worldwide trademark – but it is not a clearly articulated concept. Consequently, it is difficult to bring to market.
 This dimension aims to the discuss and clarify the concept in order to produce tangible approaches utilising the dimension for growth in SME design companies.

Sustainability and CSR are often associated with Nordic products. However, it is a wide-ranging concept with many meanings. In order for SMEs to work strategically with sustainability, the concept needs to be defined and supported by tools for business integration.
This dimension aims at clarifying the concept of sustainability so that the SMEs can initiate incorporating the clear and operational perspectives into their operations.

Online design visibility
The world’s expectations to the design industry’s online presence are high. But an operational approach to an unambiguous and involving online design presence needs to be developed.
This dimension aims at identifying the requirements and possibilities for design businesses to excel online and at developing and implementing operational online visibility strategies.