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Danish Designers

Danish Designers

Danske Designere – Danish Designers

Danish Designers represents approx. 675 professional designers within the areas of furniture, industrial, interior, graphic, digital, communication, textile and fashion as well as strategic, service and innovation design.

From 1995 an onwards the organisation was the only voice for design, after the fusion between the associations of furniture and architecture designers and industrial and graphic designers. Consequently, already at that time Danish Designers took an innovative position internationally with its cross-disciplinary membership.

Danish Designers uses its position as a representative for one of the country’s fastest growing professions to attract attention to design’s potential as a solution in both commercial and non-commercial matters.

The organisation strives to enable design to contribute to the improvement of the conditions for people in Denmark and in less privileged areas of the world.

Besides, Danish Designers is a professional venue for members practising design in Denmark both as teachers, researchers, purchasers and communicators. This also includes designers using design as a cultural or competitive expression or as an instrument of change.

Representing so many different members Danish Designers is the country’s most comprehensive and varied source of information regarding design, when it is relevant in relation to politics of trade, culture, education or to knowledge regarding innovation and development within these areas nationally and internationally.

Danish Designers has strong international and Nordic relations. The organisation is a partner and project lead of Nordic Design Impact; partner in the EU-project European House of Design Management, and cooperates with Shenzhen Industrial Design Association in China.