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The Norwegian organization for visual communication – Grafill

  • Grafill is a trade organization in Norway for those studying or working within the field of visual communication. Grafill’s approximately 1300 members are students and professionals working in the areas of graphic design, illustration, animation, comics/cartooning and interactive design.
  • Grafill’s mandate is to advance and safeguard its members’ professional, economic, legal and social interests, as well as to advocate for higher qualitative, ethical and educational standards within the disciplines.
  • Grafill is responsible for Visuelt, Scandinavia’s largest annual conference in the field of visual communication, and the annual competition Årets vakreste Bøker (The Year’s Most Beautiful Books).
  • Grafill is located at R21, Rosenkrantz gate 21, in the center of Oslo. In addition to offices the 350 square meter space is used to host exhibitions, lectures, workshops, jurying and social activities.
  • Grafill is a national organization comprised of nine local affiliates and six professional groups that both jointly and independently arrange lectures, exhibitions and competitions.
  • Grafill is also involved in various international initiatives for championing its membership’s interests through active participation in Scandinavian, European and worldwide networks.
  • Grafill was established in 1991 as a direct continuation of Norske Grafiske Designere (Norwegian Graphic Designers), which was originally found as Yrkestegnernes Forening (The Professional Draftsman’s Association) in 1937, and Norsk Illustratørforbund (The Norwegian Illustrator’s Association) founded in 1983, when the two merged to form a single organization.
  • The director of Grafill’s board is Randi Hobøl, and its managing director is Martin Biehl.