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The Finnish Association of Designers

The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo is the national central organization of designers with over 2100 members. The members of Ornamo are professionals specialized in industrial design, fashion, textile and furniture design, interior architecture, craft art and textile art as well as researchers of the field. Varying education and skills obtained in professional life make it possible for the members to work on numerous areas of design, of which design management is one of the most challenging.

The members of Ornamo are among the best of their profession through their work experience and strong professional know-how. Good sense of form and strong knowledge of materials are characteristic for all members.

Ornamo was founded in 1911 which makes it the world’s second longest established design sector organisation. Ornamo aims to develop the aesthetic, ethic and functional qualities of our immediate surroundings by promoting the working possibilities of its members working in the fields of interior architecture, textile, clothing and furniture design, industrial design, arts and crafts.

Ornamo supervises the interests of its members by maintaining a membership register, promoting networking and co-operation of its members and standing for the expertise of the profession in Finland and abroad.